Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wild beauty

I've met some interesting people who might get behind he ERC - USA idea. I'll keep everyone posted about how that progresses via this blog.

Meanwhile, yesterday some friends and I ventured into the garden and found among other things, the carrots that had been planted last year and not harvested. I went right to work on that bed and unearthed some treats for the horses.

They aren't sweet or symmetrical...

...but the horses are enjoying them just the same. I imagine these are more like what wild carrots were first like before we bred them to be the things we recognize in stores.

Some bad news for the mystery plant...

...and good news for whatever is eating it...

...I'm not sure if it's some sort of bug or larger animal but for the past few days it has been getting eaten. There are others further back in the bushes that haven't been damaged yet, maybe the creature will get enough from the one plant and leave the others alone.

Some more beautiful pictures from the area.

This evening as I was walking down to the horses, amidst scattered raindrops, I looked over and saw these faint outlines. They didn't look like rain in the distance, more like smoke rising.

I zoomed in with the camera and got this. Very ethereal-looking.

When I went into the pasture, the horses were mostly grazing on the scotch broom blooms. I sat on a rock and got quiet. Patrik soon came to check me out...

He gave me some warm nuzzles, perhaps to see if I had brought him some carrots or other treats. After he saw I didn't have any treats he drifted off and Sofi came to visit. She wanted scratches. I spent some time scratching her from sitting on a low rock and then she seemed content to stand nearby and go into a quiet space. After a while, Patrik came back, Sofi moved off, Patrik again nuzzled me and then very gently approached Sofi who nickered at him. I watched, hoping for a miracle...

...and then it happened, they started scratching each other. I know this doesn't seem like much for other horses, but between these two it is big news. It has taken a lot for Sofi to feel safe enough to let Patrik get this close to her, and for Patrik to understand that she needs a gentle touch.

The encounter ended when Patrik got a little too rough on Sofi's spine and the two of them ran off together. I went to leave and as soon as I got to the gate, the three horses came galloping up. I went and got some more of the carrots and soon everyone was happily munching.


  1. Just a note on the carrots!
    These carrots are the best and richest in minerals, once again horses know best!!
    The market vendors in France had told me that organic carrots grown in natural terrain always look that way. The twists are due to stones and harder ground that the roots have to contour while pushing through. The holes are made by temporary charming earth guests!
    Carrots that are growing perfectly straight and red are either grown in sand or mix terrain and do not carry the right amount of minerals and vitamins.


  2. I think that mystery plant is of the genus lily.

  3. Hi Stormy
    I finally had the chance to read your blog. I can relate to this experience. When I was sharing space with my horses one day - my lead mare Darma and my sensitive gelding Mystico - were really in bliss with me, and they started to groom each other. I had never seen Darma groom another horse except when she was in heat, and Mystico is usually appropriately cautious around her - but it was all lovely and soft... it made me feel like my peace of mind influenced theirs... thanks for sharing... Kim McElroy