Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another day of wonder

Today I woke early to a foggy morning after yesterday's rain. Sunny wasn't even up to go on the adventure so I went by myself, taking time to explore each thing that stood out to me.

The heavy dew and rain made the grasses sparkle.

The mystery plant is continuing to climb and develop. We have three winners now who have correctly guessed what type of plant this is, but I will keep it a mystery here on the blog so we all can see her reveal herself before we name her.

The bottom of the mystery plant.

Here's a fellow I met in the road. If watching this doesn't slow you down I don't know what will. See if you can get into his space while watching this.

Another beauty.

Today was the day of Sofi's liberation. After a few weeks in the diet pen Sofi was very happy to get out. She eagerly grazed right near me...

...until I walked off...then this is what happened.

Down below, Patrik is turning to me.

A few minutes later here is the dynamic.

Whenever I don't know what to do with the horses I go back to exploring other things.

Then either I think of something else to try, or the horses come over and guide me.

Here is a flower I remember Patrik liked to eat last year. I picked it and gave it to him later as a "thank you" treat.

Meanwhile in the barn, Sophie (the black sheep) was keeping watch over Robin. Robin is very old and deaf and doesn't get up and out as quickly as the others. Sophie also keeps an eye on Kelly, the blind sheep.

Here I am graced with one of Sophie's hugs.

More diamond grasses.

I've never noticed clovers with six leaves before, two sets of three on each side of the clover flower.

Whether in the large view or small one, the pasture is alive with color. This is gold country that we live in. Apparently the gold can't stay underground anymore, it is popping out all over!

Later in the day I was doing some work with friends and we found and relocated this creature.

Here are the goats, Molly, the mother in the back with Joseph on the left and Priscilla coming up to me. After some tender scratches, I turned to leave...

...I looked back and saw they had all lined up to follow me.

The blooms of the blackberry bushes are just about ready to open.

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