Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wish come true

Well, my last wish in the last post came true today.

I was humbled by the capacities of those I am lucky enough to call friends. But that's a different blog, maybe sometime in the future I will talk about that.

Today after my housemate and I got everything set for a party at our house, I took some time to sit in the sun. I appreciated the trees swaying in the bright sky.

Sunny soon found me and joined in. I got some video of him in his restful/radar state where he seems to be doing nothing yet is tuning into all the things going on around him, some far and some near. Watching him is like watching a TV for me, I can see parts of what is going on for miles around us by watching his movements. See if you can watch him and sink into the place where he is. Which senses can you see him using?

Horses of course do the same thing in their own language. They intimately know what is going on with the people and other creatures that live around them.

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  1. It's a full summer in there - I still had frosty windows in my car this morning...

    I like watching videos and pics of Sunny, he reminds me of my late dog Tini, except for those funny ears <3