Friday, May 21, 2010

Equine Rights Coalition - USA

I have an interesting thought for today. I've been inspired by a couple of sources. First, I learned about what Natascha Smargiassi is doing in Switzerland. I first met Natascha through NHE and then got to know her better as she very thoroughly helped me research for the Path of the Horse video. Natascha is now working with the Animal Welfare Authorities in Switzerland towards the end of abolishing equine sports in Switzerland within 10 years.

The second source of inspiration was an email I got from a woman asking for more of the hard science behind what I show in the video in Alexander's section. She wants to have something concrete to explain to people why she doesn't ride. I have had many such requests and now I feel like it's time to do something more proactive about this shift that's happening within the horse world.

To this end, I'd like to propose getting together a group of people who are interested in working to promote equine rights within the USA. For now, I want to focus on the USA since that is where I live and the culture I am familiar with. If others want to facilitate similar ventures in their own country I'd be happy to share information.

Here is the vision I have for the Equine Rights Coalition - USA. Please respond and tell me if you have time, interest, or other talents or resources to put towards this venture.

ERC - USA the mission
  • To facilitate a shift in human perception from horses as riding or sport animals to fellow sentient beings with unalienable rights to healthy, pain-free lives.
  • To provide scientific documentation to support the case that current accepted treatment of horses is not a healthy, pain-free way of life for them.
  • To be a source for media or political organizations to go to for more information on the subject of equine rights.
  • To evaluate the necessity for and work towards legislation changes regarding equine rights.
Other activities that ERC - USA might be part of
  • Informational booths at various types of events
  • Publishing books and videos for children and/or adults
  • Hosting movie screenings and book signings for people who are in alignment with this cause
  • Hosting a website dedicated to the issues that ERC - USA supports
ERC - USA needs people who...
...can do the paperwork to get ERC - USA established as a 501c3 organization
...can write grants
...have a science background (especially veterinarians) and can conduct experiments and/or present scientific findings in papers or speeches
...are good communicators and believe that most current horse treatment is unethical
...would like to start equestrian centers based on healthy horse-human relationships to provide a model for the future
...want to be a voice for horses

One thing that feels very clear to me is that my job is to offer this opportunity to bring like-minded people together under the flag of equine rights. The shift is already taking place, there is something within people, especially younger generations, that tells them that something is wrong with the current model of working with horses. Our job will be to provide an organization that people who already have heard this calling in their hearts can lend their strengths and talents to.

I have no interest in "convincing" those people entrenched in the horse world that what they are doing is wrong. I will lend my strength to providing accurate scientific information and a new alternative, not fighting the old one. Those who are called will find us. If this calls to you, please email me at .

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