Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunset enocunter

This morning I awoke to some heavenly clouds with rainbows and waves included.

This little guy dropped on me when I opened a door. He didn't want to stick around to find out why I was so interested in taking pictures.

Here is an impression from the day. I was walking across the horse pasture after coming from a meditation. The sun was setting and lighting up the horses on the hill. I felt drawn to want to be with them but as I approached, from about 500 feet away, Patrik turned and walked the other way. I didn't want to chase or demand, he was clearly sending me a message. I sat down on the grass and took in the beauty of the scene, all the while recording the following video from my phone. Watch the video to find out how it turns out.


  1. What a wonderful gift you each gave each other ...

  2. Enjoyed the video!

    Looks like water, but I see a tea bag .... ?

  3. It was my chamomile tea. It wasn't intended for him, but he helped himself.