Monday, June 7, 2010

Nevzorov Haute Ecole clinic this weekend

There will be a Nevzorov Haute Ecole clinic happening this weekend (Friday-Sunday, June 11-13, 2010) in the beautiful area of Mt. Shasta, CA.

There are 4 spots still available for anybody who feels the call to attend. It will be led by the NHE representative from Italy, Maurizio Patti and I will likely be there as well.

Visit Catherine Scott's blog to get the details and email her ASAP if you would like to attend.

Catherine's email:


  1. Hi Stormy,

    I just couldn't swing a trip out West at this time. But ... I've signed up for the Oct. 2-3 clinic in Montreal that Cloe Lacroix is hosting. It will be wonderful to finally meet some others in person who are practicing NHE.


  2. Your film Path of the horse has been a wonderful epiphany for so many.
    Some of the outstanding trainers were already familiar but others like Alexander Nevzorov were a discovery.
    Nevzorov is from far the more provocative and challenging. His CD’S, website and postings on are inspiring. Not surprisingly, his stirring philosophy and unyielding opposition to equine sports were met with derision and sometimes defamation.

    One can see first hand how he treats his horses and how they relate to him and you have been one of his most credible witnesses. However, one criticism seems to hover above his Haute Ecole and that is his method regarding the early training of his horses. Apparently very few people are included in this process and they do not say much.

    I recently met lovely Russian people at my barn (that treat their horse with much love and consideration.). They know well a couple of Russian trainers familiar with A. Nevzorov and according to them his – early training - methods are traditional circus methods used with different degrees of harshness. How he treats his horse after that is for everyone to see and it indeed looks impressive.
    I mentioned a comment similar to one that you had made on one of your posts: “if the horse were treated so harshly early on wouldn’t they logically show fear at one point or another?
    The answer was “… Circus trained animals are too fearful to show fear – that’s part of this type of training …”

    I wish this could be clarified someday as it could help propel his philosophy in a serious movement -perhaps your next short film?


  3. I've seen Nevzorov's videos and truly admire his work. His horses seem to ADORE him. But I have heard that he stables his horses in tie stalls 24/7, and that no one is allowed to handle them but him. I can't imagine that this is true, and I don't know the original source of this information, but was wondering if you had any insight.