Wednesday, May 5, 2010

being and appreciating

These past couple of days have been a beautiful exploration of "being" with the horses. Sofi is in the pen, on a diet for the next couple of weeks and the other two are out eating the spring grasses so that when Sofi goes back out, she'll hopefully maintain her trim figure.

I've been able to have fun with the horses without taking anything too personally. I've also tapped into the joy available when I am in the state of being and appreciating more than doing and achieving.

In other hours of the day I've been working on some more translations for NHE. Alexander's explorations never cease and the truth and wisdom that he has tapped into is a gift to be a part of.

We humans are explorers and perhaps the animals are too. Here is evidence of other animals who have been exploring the path I walk.

And what a beautiful path it is!

Here is evidence of one of the plants I've crossed paths with. This plant definitely knows how to get my respect.

Bird songs under the canopy.

River song.

The gift of this life we have been given is so precious. What more could we ask for? What gets in the way of recognizing our good fortune in any moment?


  1. I get the feeling that you have had that cheerful mood with bubbling joy that I've heard horses generate in us when we are able to stop and just be <3

    I have a wonderful weekend ahead with like-minded people and few horses, hopefully I'll get a glimpse of that too! :)

  2. Recently, as part of the Waterhole Rituals program, Carolyn Resnick asked us to journal about joy while we spent time with our horses. It's makes me think of keeping a "joy journal". Joy is a choice and always available to us. Carolyn even listed 10 things that bring her joy, so just by thinking of them, the feelings return. Chocolate was on the list :)

    One thing that brings me joy? When my horse asks for a scratch.