Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today was another gorgeous day.

Patrik seemed especially spunky. I was trying to ignore the horses when I first came. I wanted to put some wood chips down by their water where it is especially muddy. Patrik heard me from the other side of the hill and brought the herd galloping over. At first I thought he wanted to play but after standing square and in ramener, he relaxed and held his right hind hoof up like there was something wrong. My check turned up no swelling, rocks or nails so that typically means it's an abscess. My horses have had so many hoof abscesses over the years that I know the drill. The abscess will work its way out the way nature intended and then we'll be back in action. It was very interesting to note that Patrik seemed deliberate about coming over and showing me what was wrong.

Then he went off and rolled...

And rolled...

And rolled some more. It's rare that he lets me see him roll.

Sofi didn't want to miss out on the rolling...

but Patrik didn't let her stay down long.

The horses then went back to grazing, but Sundance wanted some attention. She positioned herself so I would scratch her udder area, where I found two ticks.

It still amazes me how far both I and the horses go to try to understand each other.

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