Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anybody want free horses?

I just got back from a week of playing in the snow with my human friends and was excited to find the manzanita in bloom.

This morning I had to walk past the horses to get to a day of meditation with the group I'm part of. Patrik let me know that he wanted to play.

I made sure to give the neighbor horses each an apple. These guys are having a rough time. Their owner died last December and now they need a loving home. The grey on the left is a 13 year old registered Lipizzan gelding and the little mare on the right is a 7 year old Appy cross pony. The pony is only halter broke and the Lipizzan definitely prefers not to be ridden. I'd love to help them find a home where someone can keep them together and work with them in ways similar to what I do. They live next door to my horses in Northern California. Email me at with any suggestions!

Here's my first attempt at adding video from an iPod. The video is from later in the day when I visited my horses for lunch. It's one of my favorite things to have horses galloping up to me. You may notice that I speak to my horses in Russian. I don't know much of the language but when I started working in Alexander Nevzorov's school I decided that it would be good to use new words to go along with the new ideas. I also love the sound of the language.

Some peaceful grazing with Patrik. Listen for the sound of him tearing grass.

After I had visited with Patrik and Sofi, I went over to see what Sundance was interested in. At the very beginning of the video you can see her lift her right hind leg in an awkward-looking way. That is due to her EPSM, otherwise known as shivers. I'll probably write more about that in future blogs. As I approached her, I noticed that Patrik had started walking with purpose also. Soon, he was off and running down the hill and the girls were quick to follow. My bet is that he was hoping I'd go and get some grain so we could "play for treats". It's too small to see on the video but he stops by the gate I go through to get the grain and then looks back at me.

As I left the field after lunch I followed this glowing blue butterfly around the field. The color didn't reproduce well, but I wanted a memory of the moment. I didn't get it on video so you'll just have to visualize me chasing him around the field trying to get a close-up picture.

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