Monday, March 22, 2010

Born into another path

It's hard to believe that anything could be wrong on a day as beautiful as this. Sunshine permeates the soil, warm breezes filter through new leaves, beautiful horses graze on tender grasses.

Patrik noticed that I was sitting in the pasture and came up...maybe to ask why I was caught in my head, maybe just to see if I'd brought him a treat.

If I were as able to live in the moment as the horses do, life would be much simpler. But I have been born into another path. The fate of the neighbor horses weighs heavily on my mind. Hopefully the situation will be resolved within the next day. Meanwhile, the internal battle is raging. Whatever action I take will be a reflection of where I am coming from. The best I can do is make a decision from the highest love and compassion that I am capable of and the result will take care of itself. I am thankful that I am in the best place to learn this.


  1. Breathe in...Breathe out

    So sorry to learn your neighbor passed away. Sorry, too to learn that the two (?)horses fates are still unresolved. I hope and pray that the family who is now responsible for the well being of these horses are caring souls.

    You might put them in touch with this rescue;
    One Horse at a Time - I've followed them on facebook and they have a tremendous network of horse lovers. Here is their website:
    And here is their Face Book site:!/OHAAT?v=wall

    Stories are powerful, you know that - write these guys story and get it posted. Are you following Amigo, one amazing horse? His story is helping raise funds for his life/death situation. Read his story here:!/pages/Amigo-One-Amazing-Horse/276481943449?v=info

    "Life rewards action" - Beth and Cookie, in Virginia

  2. Thank you for calling Home At Last. I hope we can help you and Versono.

  3. Hi Donna, it was a pleasure to meet you on the phone today. I'll keep you posted about what is happening with the horses.

    Best wishes to you and your herd!

    Beth, thank you for that link, it looks like quite a network indeed. I'm glad to be able to learn all this now so I can help others in the future.