Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last night we were treated to a wet dusting of snow...

...but by the time I made it into the pasture, most had melted into the beautiful scenery.

My guests were due to arrive any minute. I kept watch from my lounge chair on the hill.

Once they arrived we spent a long time talking about...what else? Horses. The horses themselves were there amongst us and I did a little bit of work/play with Patrik and Sofi. One of my guests was a horsewoman, Jean, whom I've known for many years. Sundance checked her pockets and then decided that even if she didn't have treats, she's a nice person to hang out with.

The woman that Jean brought to meet me has a very interesting relationship with horses. I was curious to see what my horses thought of her. Patrik and Sundance decided to let her work on them.

I want to wait and watch the horses over the next few days before I say more about this woman. Harvey the cat saw us in the pasture (without Sunny the dog) and meowed right on over to see what we were up to. Patrik made sure Harvey knew who was boss of the pasture.


  1. I am interested, if there was something you want to tell about this mysterious lady working with your horses?

    I also would have few questions about mr Nevzorov but I think I'd prefer sending email about it.

  2. Hi Jen,

    I wanted to wait to see if I noticed a difference in the horses after she worked on them. There are so many people out there offering their healing modalities to humans and horses. Every one of them is doing their best. I want to do my best by helping to promote those who I can see make a real difference. The jury is still out on this particular woman. She was incredibly interesting to me and maybe we will get a chance to work together again. As for now, I think it is too early to comment.

  3. Ok, thanks for answering. Maybe we will hear from her later then.