Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sun touching down

As I write this, the sun is nearly touching the western hills, coming in at eye-level through the door to my office. It is lighting up the yellow room and my skin with a warm glow.

When I went out to visit the horses today, I spent the first 5-10 minutes sitting on the hillside watching them graze. They all saw me sitting there, but Sofi was the first to approach, slowly grazing closer and closer. When she got very close I noticed that I felt no fear at letting her walk up to me while I was sitting on the ground. It has taken such a long time to get to this place but I am very glad we're here. I remained on the ground and scratched her legs and chest.

After not too long, Patrik decided he needed to get in on the action and came cantering over. I asked him to stop before he got close enough to make Sofi feel like she needed to move. It is interesting to watch what little gestures the horses need among themselves to know when to move or when it's ok to stay. Patrik kept trying to innocently move his way up to us but each time I would ask him to back off.

I took this picture to show what it looked like. This was as close as he could get with Sofi still trusting that I would keep him away.

After I had given Sofi a good dose of attention I played with Patrik for quite a while. I didn't get pictures of that of course because I am too much "in the picture" to get out and take one. One of these days I'll have someone else to take the pictures. We worked on ramener, walking and trotting together, trot and canter circles around me, crunches, spanish walk, standing square, and trotting up to me.

After some time with Patrik I went back to Sofi and then spent time with Sundance. Sundance is working on ramener while walking, front leg lifts, and we did a little trotting together too.

Sundance was in heat today. She does the foal-mouthing gesture to try and get Patrik's attention but of course Patrik is a gelding and although he's very good at watching out for the girls, he doesn't really seem to understand what Sundance is asking for.

This little purple beauty was in the sheep pasture amidst the clover.

I finish this post and look out to the warm orange glow on the hills. The sun is on its way to warm other parts of the world now, maybe yours.


  1. Here it is, shining through this cloudy sky every now and then.

    It would be nice to see photos of you and horses working together.

  2. Yes please, I'd like to see photos too.

  3. Yes - photos, please ...

    And thank you for sharing that it's taken time to get to a place of feeling no fear of letting Sofi walk up to you while you are sitting on the ground. It was a nice reminder to be patient with myself.