Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day in pictures

I walked down to see the horses as our favorite star was getting close to the horizon.

The parting clouds filtered the light as it tumbled down to the wet ground.
When I got down to the apple tree...

I was amazed to see blossoms! I figured since the leaves were already budding that I must have missed the blossoms, but here they are.

I looked down and saw signs of others who had traveled this path.

Our star was shedding the most exquisite light. The colors captured here are shadows compared to being bathed in the glow.

Every living thing seemed to be screaming to be noticed.

Each blade of grass swayed in the delightful light.

The panorama was a canvas painted by the greatest master.

Newly shorn, Sophie the sheep comes up for some scratching. It's a great way to get lanolin to soften my hands.

The picture below shows the two oak trees with the buckeye tree below them.

And here are the buckeye leaves.

As I took the buckeye picture, Patrik noticed me and galloped up. I took this picture as he abruptly halted. His mouth is open because he's spitting out the grass he had been eating. Or maybe he was talking in sounds I can't hear.

He sweet talked me into some grain and then left to graze more. Sundance thought it was her day for more attention so she quickly came up next.

I stood on a low rock and did some scratching and asking her to lift her front legs onto the rock.

The following video is of me scratching her. At first she's enjoying where I'm scratching on her neck, then she seems to reassess and then repositions herself so I can get her tail.

One of my favorite views.

After finishing Sundance's scratches and doing some ground work with Patrik and Sofi, JD showed up to do the evening feeding. I had him take this video of me and Patrik. Patrik takes me to the place where I open the gate and let him out after Sundance has finished her grain.

I'll get to answering more questions another day. For now, take a deep breath and enjoy this moment.