Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reading to the horses

I spent some time reading to the horses today.


  1. Hi Stormy,

    You probably won't remember me,(I'd written you a few months back after seeing The Path Of The Horse) and this is my first post to your blog, which I am reading, and rereading, but when I saw this clip of you reading to the horses, it resonated so deeply with me that I just had to write. Watching the four of you sharing that space is what my dream of being with horses is all about. For me, there is nothing more required. Just the togetherness. The peace. I can't even imagine what could be better. Thank you so much for sharing that. And also, for helping me find a place where what I feel about horses, and all life, feels safe.

    Hugs to you and your group (four legged and two legged!)

  2. Bonnie...

    Here's a big smile and hug.


  3. Stormy - I'm not sure why I am just getting an email about your blog but I am so glad. I just love being with you and the horses as you read to them. I've got to do the same thing!
    I don't have a horse but I am an Equine Reiki practitioner and am blessed by horses every day. And I have always found a horse to do Carolyn's Water Hole Rituals course with. When I can afford to and have an acceptable place for a horse to live, I will find the one who is meant to live with me.
    I invite you to go to my blog
    I haven't kept up with it as it needs but I will!

  4. Dear Stormy
    This is going to be a long story. It all began with Your film "The Path of the Horse". It saved my life in a way. I have been living with my rescue horses in a remote village in Poland. It was hard. Everybody, my family and friend were telling me this doesn't make sense. That horses are made to work and to earn. I was totally lonely, beginning to break down. Then I saw NHE website and I bought Your film. It gave me the power to go on. I found Horse Conscious and all the wonderful teachers, Carolyn Resnick's rituals and so on. I invited friends and horsemen to show them Your movie. Many of them cried, many were shocked, some slummed the door behind them and I never saw them again. Anyway, I discovered that many people just crave for this kind of voice, for someone to tell them this is ok to love your horse and ok to give him freedom. Many people are mentally and spiritually ready for that, they feel it in their guts, but are not prepared how to begin this new journey with their horses. Poland is a country with a big tradition in horses, but for years this "love" was army horses, equestrian sport and riding, riding riding. And then throwing away used equipement to slaughterhouses. Now for those who feel different there is only natural horsemenship available. People end up chasing their horses in roundpens in the sake of "love", how terrible. I have the opportunity to be a member of Horse Conscious, I can read NHE website, watch the CD's, all because I know english. Many people do not have this opportunity. I would like to spread Your word. I wrote an article about Your film to polish horse magazine. There were many people interested. Many women emailed me that they always wanted to be with horses but never wanted to dominate those incredible creatures, that's why they feel they do not belong to the horse world that is available in the stables around. People come to my stable and just spend their time with horses in the meadows, watch them interact with each other, smell them and feel that they are in a different dimension.Many of them have their own horses and I can tell that life of those animals is going to change for the better. I see it as my mission (no matter how stupid it may sound) to tell people in my country about different ways to be with horses. It is so moving to see the changes. And it gives me hope. My life changed thanks to Your film, I hope to help others to feel the same love and same joy just to be around their horses and be able to contact them in a new way. Now I woul like to ask You for something. Would You allow me to translate Your articles? I want to publish them in polish, so the people who do not know english could have an access to Your wisdom. And so they could change their horses lives too.