Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mustang Round Up Aug. 9 2010

‎2,301 of our horses are going to be rounded up next week and over 1,800 of them will be removed from their homes. Who will be there to watch and take responsibility for their welfare?


  1. Hi Stormy,

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if people hosted a screening of TPOTH to raise money for the wild mustangs? Maybe donate to Return to Freedom in California? It would be a start and every dollar helps. Here's a link to another documentary where you can buy screening "kits". What are the steps we'd need to take to host a screening? We could ask for donations ...

    Imagine if everyone who follows The Path of the Horse "trainers" organized a screening in their home towns to help raise money ...

    Love and light to all,

  2. Thanks for the thought Monica. Many people have shown TPOTH as fundraisers. I just need to get more of a "screening kit" on my website.

  3. This just breaks my heart. Canada has shot and slaughtered most of its mustangs.

    Horse advocates here are working like mad to get the slaughter houses closed. MP Alex Atamanenko has tabled a Bill to do that: C-544. All the info for Canadians to act, is at the link above. Including petition & flyer downloads.

    I'm scared some of your mustangs will end up here. Please, my American friends, support H.R. 503, which would ban transport of horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Join Equine Welfare Alliance, Americans Against Horse Slaughter, and the Humane Society.

    For the love of horses,