Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A quiet day

I love it when the image I capture digitally exposes a beauty that I hadn't caught with my own eyes.

Today I spent some quiet time with the horses as they were eating their grass/alfalfa hay and the sun was setting.

Sunny is the dog who often accompanies me. He is owned by my housemates but he seems to enjoy being a farm dog too.

I spent some time reading on my favorite rock seat in the corral. I'm reading Demian by Herman Hesse. It's a book that I've read several times over the past 20 years but this time I'm understanding completely new things from it. I'm lucky that I get to talk about it with some friends who are able to explore the ideas in challenging ways.

Sofi came over to see what I was up to.

As the sun set, Patrik and Sofi went to stand closer to Sundance. She's separated from them for a couple of hours in the evening so she can get extra food. I watched closely as Patrik and Sofi performed a subtle dance as they found just the right spots to stand. As they stood, Patrik blinked his eyes a few times and seemed to go into an internally-focused state. I often wonder what they're thinking of in this state, or even if what I call "thinking" is something that they do.

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